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Mangal dosh remedies When it comes to weddings, special astrological combination brings discord and tension. This was the deciding factor that should be given serious thought when you actually think about getting married. The choice is in your hands, but it becomes wise when you check your horoscope for Mangal dosha. Horoscope matching perfectly mitigates the adverse effects of Mangal dosha and helps you find solutions astrology.

Mangal dosh remedies Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha, or dosha chevvy is a combination in which the birth chart or horoscope Mars (also known as Mangal or Kuja) placed at 2, 4, 7, 8 or home 12th in the ascendant. Someone with Mangal dosh in his birth chart is called Manglik. Mars is considered harmful when it is positioned in one of the houses mentioned and it leads to tension, dissatisfaction and disasters in married life.

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Mangal dosh remedies Horoscope match or Kundali Matching is an ancient tradition in India, and given due importance before marriage between two individuals is completed. Many Hindu families generally act in accordance with the orders of the horoscope. 'Manglik Dosha' became a major issue in the completion of the marriage of a girl or a boy because it is considered the most important parameters in the match-making. Marriage, at times, is too delayed because of the problem.

Mangal dosh remedies (Mars) in the horoscope is the main parameter for consideration 'Manglik dosha'. A person can be considered 'Manglik' if Mars is placed in the horoscope in the 'Lagna' (Ascendant), four houses, Houses Seventh, Eighth Twelfth house or home. Some astrologers and astrology texts consider the Second House also assesses 'Manglik dosha'.

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